Top Quality Wood Briquettes

Top Quality Wood Briquettes

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Cosmas Mike Lawson, sales Director
Flagma member since 6 September 2017

We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives.
RUF briquettes are produced from leafy trees sawdust. Compared to firewood it’s much more heat intensive fuel
because of low humidity level.

Technical specifications of wood briquettes:
Calorific value: ~ 18 MJ/kg
Humidity: < 10 %
1 RUF briquette size: 15x9x6 cm
Transparent no name bags.
Standard packaging – 10 kg bags (12 briquettes).
1 pallet - 96 bags (960 kg).
Bags with Buyer’s inlays can be ordered.

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